On 17 acres of privately-gated land, Chateau St. Philippe abounds in natural beauty. Stroll through the property and discover apple, cherry, and lilac trees, blackberry bushes and many aromatic plants and flowers. Enjoy the sight and sound of water cascading from the mountains above and take time to view the spectacular French Alps.

The chateau's south- and east-facing terraces are perfect spots for a meal or an aperitif while viewing the entire picturesque Isere Valley with its lush vineyards. Every season brings its unique colors: spring and summer, the various shades of green; fall, the vibrant yellows, golds, and reds; winter, a quiet blanket of white. Beautiful clear skies highlight the imposing French Alps' Mont Blanc in the east and Chartreuse in the west.

A great addition to the Chateau's authentic ambiance are the recently renovated caves. Entry level offers a bar, a seating area and access to the Chateau's lower garden, along with two spacious additional levels. Here you may host a formal dinner, a casual lunch or an evening of music and dancing. An authentic wine press still sits in the heart of the lower level.